Cinnamon SlackBuilds

These SlackBuilds are intended to provide a means for a user to build and install the Cinnamon Desktop Environment on Slackware Linux. Some of the goals of the project are:

  1. Do not replace any stock Slackware packages unless absolutely necessary (thus far, no packages need to be replaced);
  2. Keep the upstream default theme and settings;
  3. Try and minimize outside dependencies as much as possible; and
  4. Make it easy to build and install by using standard style SlackBuild scripts and slack-desc and files that most Slackware users have become familiar with by using the SlackBuilds repository.

The scripts are hosted in a Git repo so feel free to test and offer suggestions, improvements, patches, etc. Here are some obligatory screenshots of Cinnamon 3.4 with its default theme and background running on Slackware64-14.2: